Broken Door Maret 2014

Can you see anything wrong with my beloved washing machine?

Yep! You guess it alright! The door came loose last night and boy oh boy oh was no fun at all :(

Last night, I came back at around 10 pm after a meeting, very very exhausted and after my shower, I heard a loud 'PING PONG PIANG' ~!! (Meaning a very loud bang kekekek.....)

How did this happen? I suppose it is due to wear and tear, the door hinges cracked without us realising it. Now I know why I need to give it a hard push each time I close the door cover. For a moment I thought I was overloading this poor fella.

There you see you can imagine just how 'siong' (suffering) I have been.

I managed to contact the GE serviceman and they came by this afternoon but he needs to check for the door hinges otherwise need to replace the door cover. But......(oh no, always the but...) he can only get back to me next week *sob* nightmare just begin folks! :(

Just finished hand washed two big loads of laundry and at this crunch time, how I wish I could bring my laundry to the laundry shop whereby there is coin-operated washing machine for individual wash. The shops nearby only take in curtains, bed covers, jackets etc.

As I was scrubbing & washing the clothes......time stood still and flashed back to the 70s when my Mom did not have the luxury of washing machine and washed all our clothes by hand then so no worries folks!

My washing machine is taking a break this weekend so that I could refresh memories of yester-years whereby part of our labour of love for the family is using our hands to wash the laundry.

Have a wonderful weekend, love your washing machines folks! We're meeting Francesca this weekend and shall share with you next week........Ciao as I pamper my hand with my Body & Bath hand lotion :D (Must take care to do more washing mah kekekek.....)

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