Mr. Bosch Maret 2014

Big Smile :)

No more scrubbing, rubbing & washing all the laundry...... Hurray :D

Ta-Dah!!! Welcome to my humble nest Mr. Wishy Washy :D Let me introduce you to my very own precious, Mr. Bosch folks!

I am very sorry my old washing machine Mr. GE had to call it a day since Friday the 13th, 2007 :( I am sad, really sad *sniff*

But then you see, the serviceman told me it's gonna take four weeks for the hinges to arrive from America and to be honest...... I am so drained out. Although hand washing the laundry is part of my labour of love for the family, I would rather focus this labour to something more productive for the family kekekek....

Anyway...... Mr. Bosch was delivered and installed this morning and I can see that Mom-in-Law is so happy :)

When I came home this evening, she has this mega-watt smile on her face and telling me just how Mr. Bosch operated with superb efficiency without any noise at all....yep, it was that quiet with minimum water usage as well.

So there..... from today gonna love Mr. Bosch, me not gonna abuse my Mr. Bosch and over-loading is a definite no no :D

Thank you D for making a choice choosing Mr. Bosch for the family and oh finally my tired hands get her much needed rest now :D
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