Great Wall of China Maret 2014

YoooHoooo.............. :D

Hiya Folks! I'm back and I've conquered the Great Wall of China ~ I've conquered yet another Wonder of The Worlds and I think it's time to do a travel inventory list heheheh......

I'm beat tonight as I've touched down couple of hours ago and lots of stuff to share. It was certainly an eye-opener and although the Olympic Stadium (nickname Bird nest) is not completed yet I could feel the spirit is mounting :)

Five days in Beijing is definitely not enough but I supposed we have to leave some for our next visit ya!!

We were only given less then two hours to climb the Great Wall which to me does not justify the trip to Beijing at all. I promised the next time I visit this majestic Wonder, I'll stay one day just to conquered the other flight of stairs up to the towers.

Time is precious and I might not have time to upload my visit in view of my next trip on Saturday but for sure I'll be around to show you more of the Great Wall as well as The Tian'men Square & The Forbidden City.

Ciao and thank you for all your well-wishes to my last post :D HUGzzzzz!
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