New Friendship Maret 2014

Way to go folks! We embraced new friendship with Rrakeliya from Valencia, Spain and John from Minnesota, USA ~ Cool :D

Both of them met on their tour to Beijing and on this day while shopping I approached them for a snapshot and there you have found friendship in Beijing...isn't that cool :D

Alan is a biker and be zooming around the States once he gets back and he hopes to visit Singapore soon....better be sooner Alan hehehe.....

I have so much fun sharing my Beijing trip with all of you but sadly I have to leave you again for a couple of days as I'll be travelling to South China, Guangzhou for another conference.

I'll be back next week and shall update and blog-hop again.....peace folks as I go round embracing new friendship throughout my travel.

Luv you all.... :D ~ Catch you all next week ya!!

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