八十五岁(85 Years Old) Maret 2014

I am not a psychic.

I am not able to gaze into a crystal ball and determine how long I would live.

Although I am taking care of myself by eating right & exercising so that I add extra mileage to my lifespan :D

Still, would you, do you want to live to a ripe old age of 85?

Would you, do you want to be financially independent at the ripe old age of 85?

Hmm.........tough call!

Before I fast forward to 85, I knew there is a responsibility to save for rainy days and that in the event I have to pass on earlier than expected, my dependents are well taken care of.

So no choice I have to have some form of coverage ..... that's settle.

Now let's move on to ripe old age of 85 :D! Today is my 85th Birthday ~ Haapppy B...iirthday Grrrandmaa Shiongeeee :D

So I survived! :D ~ My nest eggs are slowly depleting but luckily 42 years ago we have this compulsory longevity insurance, isn't that wonderful?

But....sadly many of my love ones ..... Waaaaa... *sob*

:D Hehe... just like to hear your views folks coz there's some reforms going over here and statistically it was proven that women outlive the men so we have to take care of ourselves - financially & mentally lor ;)

Now, 85 & beyond .... although sounded too far-fetch what's your take folks?

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