Who's Who Maret 2014


Yep! Who's Who?

Colleagues over at my workplace is a funny lot and I'm so not kidding you.

They are so 'afraid' of management who are in the top hierarchy..... Managing Director, General Managers, Managers.

Oh hang on...... or is it that some people who holds certain portfolios have nose sticking up in the air?

Must be our Company's culture *sigh* There were times when technicians were nominated to sit in various in-house committees and yet they don't speak up!

They are sooooo afraid of airing their views & give suggestions or even feedback.

So really! Who's Who? I agreed that management are paid based on their qualification to carry out their managerial duties & perform strategic role in the company but without the workers the company cannot function.

It is important that bottom up feedback & top down communication is done constructively coz that would reap benefits for the organisation.

Why worry about Who's Who? Strip off their titles ~ Be it MD, CEO, GM or Manager they are still very much like one of us ~ Human Being kekekekek...

Hmmm....talking about Who's Who, I must add that sometimes it is not WHAT you know but WHO you know so some element of truth that WHO you know do create some impact :D

Bet some of you don't know this but it is always "LONELY" to be sitting so high up in the company. In fact, senior management just have that 'stern' look that's all.

I am still keeping in touch with my ex-MDs & Plant Managers in Japan and they love to just hear from me all the time. It is not an employer-employee relationship anymore but true friendship :D

Last but not least..........oh please bear with me hehehe....

I'm not afraid to speak up for the right causes and I'm not afraid to give constructive feedback to Who's Who....

But....having said that folks!

I received an important phone call yesterday and there's lots and lots of 'butterflies' in my tummy and heart is pulsating with blood pressure up another notch......

Oh gosh! I'm so excited but but...........Arghhhhhhhh....I know this is torturous folks but what to do coz it is Who's Who I am talking about and sadly I can't spill the bean yet.

Yes I know I would be myself and being an extrovert who speaks my mind constructively I still hope that I can handle the situation. So there.....until I get to meet Who's Who :D

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