Vibrant Guangzhou Maret 2014

Whew! I'm so glad to be back coz afterall it is Home Sweet Home :D

So here I am after four intensive days in vibrant Guangzhou, China :) This would have been my third visits to Guangzhou ...... more on that in another day.

So here is the view of Pearl River from my room on the 22nd Floor at Landmark Hotel, isn't that cool?

This is the right view from where I am standing and as you can see at around 3 pm it was quite polluted and obviously hazy.

Nothing much on the first day when we touched down as I was chilling out in my room as you can see it is almost sunset and I was waiting for my relatives who resided here to visit me......heheh...that's another story too.

We were invited to a official dinner on board the river cruise on the next day along the Pearl River. I must confess that I did not like the buffet dinner at all but I did soak in the colourful neon signboards along the river banks as the sky gets dark :D

It was a feast for the eyes really as all the buildings were lighted up with all sort of colour combination which to me is very creative indeed coz it certainly brings out the mood to beef up the activities along both sides of the river.

Guangzhou might be situated on the southern part of China but the spirit of the Olympic 2008 is undeniable folks! You definitely wouldn't miss this giant billboard advertising Beijing 2008 :D

And look what I spotted folks! I managed to capture four mascots out of five...hehehe...

It was a challenge to take the shots as the boat was cruising while I waited for the lightings to change :)

Almost miss this coz the boat was just about to cruise under the bridge ;)

This is one of my favourite out of the five mascots and do you know why five? I came to know this morning at the duty free shop :D

Beijing Huan Ying Ni means Beijing welcomes you so each mascot is known as Bei Bei, Jing Jing, Huan Huan, Ying Ying & Ni Ni

So there....chose your favourite mascots folks :D

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