Yummy Mooncakes Maret 2014

I was showered with lots of mooncakes for the past two weeks and more at the workplace too :D

This is by far the most beautiful packaging from The Conrad Hotel for their mooncakes and don't you just fall in love with it?

The box is good for storing stationery items, accessories or even for all the wine corks that we've been collecting :D

The individual box is so pretty that I can't bear to just throw them away. Good as a gift box too ya!

Not an egg person so we discarded the salted eggs (sorry) ..... I must say that the white lotus bean paste simple melts in our mouth. It was that yummy, that delicious & that SHIOK lor :D

This is what Jo baked ~ mini mooncakes with different flavours. She is so good at baking that each time she bakes, we get the treat kekekek....

Do you know that the pink colour mooncake is from dragonfruit, green is from green tea (naturally ya!) and guess what is the light brown mooncakes? Her most adventurous concoction folks is none other than her Bailey's Irish Cream :D

I still have a box in my fridge......C'mon over folks :D

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