The WHO Identity Maret 2014

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Alrighty Folks!

Ta-Dah! Ta-Ta-Dah-Dah! :D

We have the Bourne Identity, Bourne Supremacy & Bourne Ultimatum...... I have here the WHO Identity!

Sorry for the suspense dear folks but as I was saying my blood pressure was extremely high in view of a working lunch with none other than our Prime Minister, Mr. Lee Hsien Loong.

I really can't spill the bean then coz my date with him was booked but his schedule really is subjected to changes ya!

Anyhoo.....I was shocked beyond words when I received the all so important phone call last week from the Minister's office inviting me to have lunch with him and gosh.....what am I suppose to do? I am a 'Nobody' ya!!! (Still, somebody is going to do the job nobody wants to do right kekekek...just kidding ;D)

As mentioned briefly some reforms is going to be made with regard to our retirement so basically Singaporean have to commit to buy the longevity insurance.

I suppose there were lots of grouses & our Prime Minister is busy getting down trying to feel the ripples so to speak.
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In view of the formality being invited to the Istana, which is the official resident of the President of Singapore....(think of White House folks) I did not manage to take a picture with PM Lee coz that would be so rude to flash out my camera ya.

I just want you to know that it was a day like no other. I was nervous and being the only lady out of three other male unionists compounded the heartbeat even further.

But I knew that with this rare opportunity I just have to engage him intellectually and also to air my views as well as the grounds' feeling. Positive & negative in total perspectives and not just positive news which is not true.

I have lots of real cases to show him, my Mom's, my Uncle's, Single Girlfriend's, Married Couple's, people like me in the sandwich class, the list just goes on and on.

I was heartened that our Prime Minister Lee was so down to earth, chat as if we were his friends being invited to have lunch with him and he listened attentively to all the issues being raised.

I shared about the topping up of saving funds to my younger Brother's account so as to assist him in buying a flat and he assured me that he would look into it.

Oh Gosh! I fell in love with this man *tink tink* ~ :D

Lots & lots of snippets as well but too lengthy to share....if you want to know more, email me ok?

I was profoundly honoured to be invited by our Prime Minister, I was ushered like a Dignitary into the Istana lunch room by the bodyguards and I saw Gurkha close-ups.

Most importantly despite all fanfare, what meant so much to me was our Prime Minister Lee touched based. He was sincere to listen to people like us and want to make this reforms more palatable and easy on the people of Singapore.

Now you know WHO I am talking :D
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