Great Wall Journey Maret 2014

Exhaustive, tedious & never-ending climb which was all worth it :D

The first entrance into the Wonder of the World, too bad no time allocated for us to explore the surrounding areas other than the climb.

Getting ready to scale the height folks!

A wishing tree just before the climb ~ this definitely adds colour to the otherwise dull greyish bricks at the surrounding.

What we see here is only a segment of the great we moved up to the top of the towers, there more steep walls meandering all over the mountains.

Uneven steps! Can you imagine those days the hardship most of the people undergone in those days?

As you can see it was a really hot day and not many people over this side of the Great Wall.

Lonely terracotta soldiers abandon along the routes of the great wall, I keep them company for couple of minutes and oh what stories I gathered folks! :D

As you can see, it was a hot & hazy day and not many climb this segment of the wall......if only I was given more time I really would like to climb the one opposite which would be more challenging as it is much steeper!

Yep! I love a good challenge alright :D

After the climb and back at the base of the Great Wall ~ Whew! It was tough so do not be deceived by my cheery look! Still, it was a satisfying climb and I love it!

Look at all of us taking a break mid-way through all that climbing....hmmm.....wonder where is the ice-cream man kekekek...

Inside the tower where the soldiers overlooked the mountains to spot on the enemies in those days, it was dark and surprisingly cooling.

Hey! C'mon in and join in folks :D

Closer shot of the outside world from inside the tower.

There you have it! One of the Wonder of the World and I'm glad to be able to experience the walk and immersed myself in the right culture of China :D

More of the Summer Palace & The Forbidden City soon folks! Enjoy!
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