The Tianamen Square Maret 2014

Time stood still for me when I visited The Tianamen Square right in front of The Forbidden City. It was an exciting anticipated visit folks :D

Walking towards the Square my mind flashed back to 1989 Tiananmen Square Massacre :( I could feel the magnitude of the protests by the students and imagined the congregation of students all over this vast landscape.

So this is Beijing :D This is the center of Beijing City with thousands & thousands of people from all over the country, from all over the world.

So I am finally here! I have finally set foot on this historical ground. So this is not just an image that I saw so frequently on TV, on magazines & in the papers :D
Everything is here folks! The Tiananmen Tower, Monument to the People's Heroes, Great Hall of the People, Mao Zedong Memorial Hall.

This is Mao Zedong Memorial Hall where Chairman Mao's body lies in a crystal coffin in one of the halls but sorry folks, no time at all for us to stop by for a glimpse of him ;(

A giant signboard counting down to the Olympics in year 2008, no one's gonna miss that for sure ;)

Let's move beyond the Square through the underpass into The Forbidden City....there are five main entrances. We were told that back in the Qing & Ming Dynasties, Emperors walked (carried) into the palaces through the main entrance.

Chairman Mao is 'watching' every move of people from all walks of life. Now bet you wouldn't believe that this portrait stands at 1.7 tons, yep not kidding you folks - In TONS! Just be safe, don't stand underneath his picture ya.

Another big foyer before you see the palace.....this courtyard really is where the emperors would watch over their soldiers perfecting their skills, as was informed by our guide.

One more shot before I move on........

Lo & behold, The Imperial Palace is undergoing a make-over, restoration works were carried out all over the Forbidden City and this Palace Museum is out of bound to all visitors which was a shame really.

I reckoned the restoration work is diligently being carried out in time for the big bash next year since the world is gonna focus on Beijing next year.

As you can see our Women leaders taking a leisurely walk across the palace and honestly we have lost count on the number of rooms spread out across this city.

One of the narrow lane towards the Concubine's Room, we all had a good laugh and joked that all of us can choose the concubine room and wonder who would be the Emperor's favourite....hahhaha....

Knock! Knock! Heavy door and just trying my luck to see if the eunuch is around hahahah...... love the colours :D ~ (When I was little I didn't know the role of the eunuch and neither did I know that they are actually castrated too ~ Ouch!)

Now don't under estimate this piece of stone - this is actually a big piece of white jade given to the fourth concubine by the last emperor and was prominently displayed in the concubine's courtyard.

What a lavish display of wealth back in those days ya!

Look at the absolutely gorgeous roof! Lots of similar craftsmanship of dragons, phoenix & lions :)

This is another beautiful piece of artwork found along the palaces' walls ~ I think I was the only one appreciating this delicate piece of work and thought it deserves a place here in my blog :D

There! Far too many photos to share but hope through this you would have a taste of this ancient city through my lens and wish that you would consider visiting China someday soon :D

Hmm....I think I'll be back ~ Own Time & Own Target! Not gonna let tour guide dictate our time & scurry us through historical site :D
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