Laughing Buddha :D Maret 2014

I've seen Laughing Buddhas in Buddhist temples, shops & some houses but never one with so many happy children all over him :D

Spotted at the foyer in one of the Beijing restaurant that we visited and I lost count on the number of kids running all over him :D

Do you know the exact location of this cute little boy? Take a closer look on the top picture you'll see that he is sitting comfortably on Buddha's big toe :D

I feel so happy just by looking at the Laughing Buddha ~ To me, it symbolises eternal happiness, abundance of wealth (health) and definitely contentment as well.

Just feel so blissful and I can understand why the owner placed him right at the entrance of his restaurant :D

With his blessing here, may I wish all my blog buddies eternal happiness & abundance of wealth & health too :D

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