The Summer Palace Maret 2014

This is the majestic Hall of Prayer for good harvest worshipped by the Emperor in those days.
It was built in 1420 during the reign of Ming Emperor, Yongle and reconstructed in 1751 by the Qing Emperor, Qianlong.

It was good that the place was restored to its grandeur & colour for us to immerse in its culture.

The vast beautiful landscape is awe-inspiring, so blissful & quiet that I have to remember my picnic basket for my next visit.

A group of senior citizens congregating & singing together, it was most inspiring as they sang with gusto. We were told that they are all who suffered from certain illness such as cancer and meet here everyday to motivate each other rather than stay home alone. I find this very touching indeed.

Don't you just love the vibrant colours and its finest architecture masterpiece :D

Inside the Temple of Harvest, the place of worship for the Emperor.

We had a good time as you can see by the looks of these ladies :)

The Summer Palace Maret 2014 | Rizal | 5