BBQ @ Guilin Maret 2014

Ya! Go on are allow to drool...drool......go on it's free for all kekekek..... sorry for teasing ;-)

This is our first attempt to grill the pork ribs and oh what fun. Marinated with five spice powder in addition to pork rib sauce so yeah...I would say it would be 8/10 :)

If you have not tried this, trust me it is just as good. So easy to prepare, just blanched the baby asparagus and roll them up in bacons. No seasonings is needed at all, you simply put them on the grill :D

If you haven't noticed, we rolled the bacon with Enoki mushrooms as well so whichever types you prefer it is just as good.

If you are not planning a BBQ just yet, simply roll them up and pop them in your oven :D

Lots of other goodies but let me show you my all time favourite chicken wings which I marinated overnight with lots of fresh sliced garlic & onions, salt, oyster sauce, ginger as well as lemon juice ~ Oh...not forgetting with lots of tender love too hehe....

So there, do you have a secret marinate sauce for BBQ that you would like to share? Can't wait to hear from you ya :D

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