Road Atlas Maret 2014

We depended on this back in Year 2005 for our road trip in America and what a great help to me when I was navigating and D driving along all the interstates.

In the States it is right hand drive so initially when I gave direction to D, I would need to get my bearings right :) It was so funny to give instruction to turn left when it should be right or vice-versa ya!

Oh what fun! This is where we lived in Alabama @ Cabana Apartment about fifteen minutes away from Walmart & I remembered walking out to MacDonald to pack lunch under the scorching sun in the summer when D was working :)

This is us with our friend from good old USA ;D Louise, Kate & Chris, Ginny and Patty & David (Louise's Daughter and Son-in-Law)

It was great to tour much of Gulf Coast and most of the destruction by the hurricane were still very much visible. We were on a road trip to Orlando too and attended our friend's Louise's Granddaughter's wedding (Kate & Chris) as well.

We visited at the right time and it was awesome to be able to attend an American Wedding :D

Oh what fun memory! Hmmm...... I love this handy road atlas, I don't think much of the interstates road will change much ya ;-)

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