Tough Fish Maret 2014

Yo-Hoo!!! I'm back in ACTION!!! Kekekek........until the next episode of the mighty tussle between So Shiok versus Her Evil Power ;-)

Anyway..... should be running soon to get rid of the extra calories in view of the extra comfort food - Chocolate kekekek....

I Know! I Know! This is a very weird looking fish and honestly I was intrigued by its size when I went to my regular fishmonger.

He was yakking away telling me how he caught this off Mersing blah...blah...blah.....Steam it! Cook it with Chilli! Cheap lah!

Oh ok! We were won over by his salesmanship....promoting this fish and I have no idea what is it call.

So we paid $6 for this big fish and immediately I picked up the rest of the ingredients to cook up a storm .....heheheh......delicious food on the table ya?

So there you have it! I cooked it with lots of assam pedas, chilli, garlic, onions, two tomatoes, couple of lady fingers and one big brinjal with this $6 big fish.

Wah! Like So Shiok Hor??

Taste & Texture?

Mistake! Mistake! This is a very tough fish and sadly we didn't like it ;-( I am quite sure it wasn't my cooking skill that is not up to par yesterday.

Oh Well..... Me not gonna trust my fishmonger recommending any good catch any sooner you bet!

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