My Dear Friend Maret 2014


Now I know why I was so 'unhappy' couple of days back.

It was hormonal afterall ;)

Now I know why the constant craving for chocolates and erratic mood-swing (sorry it happens sometimes!)

It was the arrival of my 'Dear Friend' who comes for her routine monthly visit ;(

Now I know why I'm 'suffering', her constant 'bickering' makes me weak at my knees and in pain now.....arghh....

Oh please go away soon 'Dear Friend' ....... I'm having a Women's Bowling Competition this weekend and with you 'irritating' my body I'm having a hard time throwing the bowling ball ya.

Oh please...........please spare a kind thought for me coz I am the leader coordinating the games for the ladies so I have to be there this Saturday.

Help! Me gonna go and take the pain-killers & muscle release pills now.......bye folks!

Pray for my speedy recovery for this weekend's game ok? Ouch!!! Painzzzzzzzzz........ ;'(
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