Me & Shy Girl Maret 2014

Out of 1000 over unionists who attended the National Delegates' Conference today I'm so glad to meet up with Shy Girl* :D

Me & Shy Girl's friendship started in Year 2000 when we went on a study mission to Japan and from then onwards, it just gets stronger and stronger.

I missed the time we strolled down Michigan Avenue in Chicago, we shopped & shopped & ah-hah....we shopped & we didn't drop ;-)

From one end of Michigan to the other, we combed the streets and scrutinised all the stores - Banana Republic, Coach, Victoria's Secrets, Hershey.....just name it folks!

I sure missed my shopping companion but having said that, she is not merely a great buddy for shopping spree only. We are frank and critical to each other coz we are true friends.

True friends are those that will give constructive feedbacks to you for the well-being of each other. I knew I have a shoulder to cry on when I most needed it and I knew she would be the first girlfriend I call when I needed so badly to pour out my sorrow.

Those good old time in Chicago, a shot she took of me 'chatting with Mr. Brown' ~ Yep, I called him Mr. Brown coz he is brown wor.... kekekekek... :D

Anyhoo, walking down to Navy Pier and spotted Mr. Brown and we were all laughing, all having a good time.

Ahh...what am I suppose to do without you Shy Girl? I luv you so much :D ~ Oh Darn! I should have listen to you and zap my credit card for that Coach handbag?

* Identity protected, sorry folks!

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