Self Maret 2014

Slowly but surely ..... just like small droplets of water, cranky mood took some time to evaporate but evaporated it did :D

Being able to self-contained my emotion did me good.

Being able to self-restraint enhanced my capacity to control and better managed my behaviour.

It was self-evident that I was succumbing to my mood swing and I just have to jump out of it.

Glad that my self-awareness boost up my self-confidence and not self-inflict myself with all the negative vibes.

So Yep! Self-silencing did me good last night.

I self-indulged in my own therapy by hitting the sack early last night :D

Thank you folks for being so empathetic and appreciate your friendly thoughts too ;-) ~ Big Hugzzz!
Self Maret 2014 | Rizal | 5