Be Nice Maret 2014

Mr. So & So in the office thinks his Grandfather owns this company.

Not only is he loud, he is bossy and rude, condescending to fellow-workers, contractors, tea ladies and cleaners. All hell broke loose when others don't keep him posted on even the minor things or do things his way.

Mr. So & So is not even sitting at the top of the organisation, he is just like any one of us. A normal 9-to-5 job, his hierarchy is not even worth mentioning and yet he behaves like a hooligan ;(

I've met all kinds of people through my circle of associates and I have noticed that people with high ranking job titles don't even talk down to people at the lower rank.

It saddens me that Boss knows his foul attitude towards others in the organisation and yet allow him to behave as such ~ Total disrespect to all fellow colleagues! (Hmmm......maybe Boss is teaching him a lesson by making a fool out of him hehe.....)

One day, someday I am very sure......he'll be sorry. Hey....what goes around comes around right?

I bet some of you do meet someone like Mr. So & So, why don't they grow up?
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