Work Corner Maret 2014


Nikon2 recent article to me about work cubicles prompted me to post about my work corner ;)

Having worked in a Japanese organisation, it is typically Japanese! It is open concept, free for all and all for free kekekek.... By that I mean all is free to see and to hear what's up with your next fellow worker.

So you can imagine sometimes the office is really like a fish-market, phone ringing with people yakking away, people moving around to & fro photo-copier room etc.

Paul (Nikon2) couldn't believe it when I told him I need to 'escape' to my storeroom when my Boss wants to speak with me in private or when there is some confidential matters to discuss :D (Yep! I have my own telepone extension in my storeroom which is in-charge by me so that's a safe place folks!)

I want to show you some of my cute stuff which decorated my parameters ;)

If you take a closer look, some are really toys from MacDonald meals which belongs to yester-years and yes I'm still keeping them. Each has a story to tell and I just couldn't bear to throw them away.

When my kids were little, it has always been a Happy Meal and they played with the toys that came along with it. I couldn't bear to discard them coz it holds such strong memory for me. There were a few others given to me by ex-staff who has since left the company.

Take a look at this Little Man from Little Tikes ~ Isn't he cute? I called him Little Man because Bibiana played with him when she was barely two years old. This is her favourite toy and we had so much joy with Little Man.

Although she is a teenager now, Little Man has a special place at my work place as he along with other small little toys brought back fond memories to me.

So there.....this is my cozy work corner and it never fails to strike a conversation whenever visitors drop by to see me ;)

How about your environment? Private room? Private cubicle or just like me open concept free for all to see? Hehehe.....have fun working while I listen to all of Mr. So & So's dirty linen in the office hahahah.....

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