Ben & Elffe Maret 2014

Yo! Check this out folks! Two less lonely people on this Universal....Yeah!!!!

Yep, our funky buddies - Ben & Elffe (also known as Akina) got married this evening and oh what fun :D

This fun looking couple is so easy going and being in the entertainment business, they are so cool even on their wedding day :)

They are event planners so you can imagine that planning for their big day is oh such a breeze.

Look at this ~ Instead of big heart shape on stage, their wedding portrait was placed centre-stage which I think is pretty unique as compared to so many wedding dinners that I've attended, alot of them are quite "hearty" common.

Me & Elffe when she changed into her night-gown. She is so pretty & radiant :)

Here's wishing Ben & Elffe happy matrimony as they embraced their life as husband & wife, embracing a new chapter of wonderful challenges as well :D

Note to Ben: Don't "bully" her Ben, you know Shionge is watching you ya kekekekek..... :D

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