Simple Hearty Lunch Maret 2014

I love my weekend whereby there is no agenda, no appointments, free & easy ...... we just do what we wanna do ~ impromptu and that's how we love it!

Most importantly, weekend is family bonding time as well as time for everyone to recuperate, recharge, re-energize and be rejuvenated :D

So what a nice spread of simple hearty lunch for the whole family ~ lots of greens, fruits, mini-pizzas and toasted tuna with lots of cheese!

Homemade tuna pizza for the kids and oops....tuna covered with too much sauce & cheese which the kids enjoy.

I love my pita bread with lots of greens, topped with some beans & bacon! Not forgetting my pickles & tabasco sauce :)

D's with salmon which I have yet to try coz I'm not into smoked salmon really.

Sinful apple crumble to finish off the hearty lunch not forgetting hot cuppa to go along with it too.

So there's goes Sunday :D Before we embrace another rat-race week ahead, me gonna continue my remaining Sunday by heading for the stadium soon....bye bye and catch your blog soon :D

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