MIL's 78th Birthday Maret 2014


We celebrated my Mom-In-Law's 78th Birthday over at my place last Saturday and what a joy to see that family members gathered together on this joyous occasion.

I wanna share her with you :D

She might be 78 years old, she is mentally strong, active, independent always with a radiant smile. Although she was borned in China, she learned how to speak English and bakes while she was working as a housekeeper for the Australian military family at King Albert's Park back in the 60s~70s.

I am truly blessed to have her baby-sit my children when they were babies and I knew that the bonding my daughters have with their Grandma is distinctively strong. Now she stays with us during the weekdays while we are at work and she'll travel back to her house over the weekend.

As I travelled quite extensively I knew that my children are well-taken care of without me having to worry all the time.

My Mom-In-Law is the kind of lady that didn't like to 'bother' us too much as I noticed that at the slightest hint of feeling unwell, she'll take her prescribed medication or to consult the family doctor without letting us know.

She smiles alot and exude positive attitude all the time. I appreciate having her around as I saw the values she inculcated to my children. They have grown up to be respectful and well-mannered children and having Grandma is indeed truly blessed.

She is my role model and I grew from strength to strength as I gained her wisdom, her charm of ageing gracefully and yet independently.

Never have I ever hear her complain about anything in life, at times when we are alone at home, she'll share her concerns & worries about her children and I'm glad she confided in me.

I love my Mother but I love my Mom-In-Law even more.....Happy 78th Birthday to my dearest Mom-In-Law.

I wanna be like her when I'm 78th years old too ;)

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