Contagious Smile Maret 2014

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Yep! My smile is contagious!

Yep! If you want some, let me spread this 'disease' to you and let me see that big big smile on your face :D

Alot of people didn't realise that when you smile, the whole world smile with you too.

I always believe that when you smile first thing in the morning, you are going to be happy for the rest of the day and the reverse is oh so true.....grouchy face, grouchy day. Please believe me!

I am not kidding when I mentioned that the whole world smile with you......

Every morning I greeted my company bus driver and upon alighting, I was the only one saying thank you to him....
Guess what?

It is contagious!

At least now I know about a handful of commuters appreciate & acknowledge him by saying thank you too :D

So smile! Let your positive vibes churn within your soul and create sense of well-being too :D

May you have a wonderful weekend folks! Remember to put on that Mega-Watt Smile ya ;D

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