PaPaYa Maret 2014

Carton full of Papayas!

One papaya a day keep the boss away???? Hahaha, we wish though coz no harm to wish upon a papaya tree right? colleague Philipp came in this morning with one big carton of Hawaiian Papaya in his arm shouting "Papaya day today!" So so sweet of him, go round distributing papayas to everyone!

So cute and so sweet of him that I requested for two mini papayas :D

But don't be deceived folks, it is called Hawaiian Papaya but the tree is planted in Malaysia so it is "Made In Malaysia" Hawaiian Papaya.... Kekekee..

Only one black seed

Very Sweet and very Shiok even though I have not tasted any from Hawaii. Anyone out there tried both?

I'll check it out when I fly over to Hawaii ~ Aloha ~ Soon I hope :D

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