Belgian Delight Maret 2014

Devilious Belgian Delight :D

Don't ask me why but I am very much a Marks & Spencer person......and I love to pamper my friends especially guys with these sinful chocolate biscuits during Christmas that comes in very elegant box.

Well you see, it is always so difficult to buy gifts for guys coz it seems like they have everything.....well literally! So I never fail to put a smile on their face when I present them with Marks & Spencer chocolates and hey, their wives or girlfriends will never get jealous for sure coz they get to indulge in it too :D

Let's just say it is a 'safe' gift for guys kekekeee.......but seriously folks, do you have 'problems' buying gifts for men?

Anyway, since I was in town last week I simply grabbed a tin of Belgian Delight and pamper my family. The empty box is too lovely to just throw it away........ feels shiok just by looking at it!
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