Grapes Maret 2014

These grapes we bought are really juicy and they are from Peru :D Get them at the supermarket before the season is out folks!

I have not been seeing these big crunchy grapes for a long time so it was a really good after dinner treat. Only catch is these are not seedless so eat slowly hor kekekek.....

But what I really wanted to say is there is a bunch of 'sour grapes' among my circle of friends and it sucks big time!

I bet you do come across people who claims to be your friend but at times sounded cynical towards you when you achieved something good. They somehow get jealous & envious just because you are more popular then them.

Anyhoo.....we strived to achieve what we have today and not here to win accolades just by being popular. Most importantly, we response through each chapters of our life and if they turned sour just because we stayed positive and excude self-confidence then that's too bad.

So I'm glad to be out of 'circulation' by choice really among them coz I realized I've been wasting my time socializing with a bunch of 'sour grapes' who are actually harbouring ulterior motives just to be with me.

It actually feels Shiok to be 'free' and it's never too late to find out who are truly your real friends.

So, coming back to grapes folks! I just love real sweet crunchy grapes lah :D
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