My Verdict Maret 2014

advertisement promised I did say I wanted to get back to you once I started having my hands on Marks & Spencer's Organic Mini Black Pepper Oatcakes.

My verdict folks! It is Ooo...La....La :D

Go on! Hit town and grab a couple of boxes coz it is soooooooooooooo.....yummilious good! Not too peppery but you could taste a tinge of black pepper that is not too over-powering so that's really nice.

Don't just eat it plain although it is good on its own, I spread some garlic cheese on each piece and can't stop munching away.

Gonna grab some when I hit M& verdict coming up soon when I open the cereal box :D

Hope that you have a great weekend folks! I'm beat after a wonderful weekend, catch you all soon :D
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