Our Flyer Maret 2014

We were on board the London Eye back in Year 2004 soaking in the breath-taking view of London.
Very soon by next year, we would be having our very own 'Eye' too known as The Singapore Flyer :D

About two weeks ago I was travelling along this highway and saw half an arch and regretted not having my camera then to snap that shot.

Imagine just this week, it came 'full circle' and just have to capture this now :)

The 'capsules' are not up yet but it was reported that about 30 people would be able to hold private functions inside these capsules which is truly awesome.

As you can see on this morning, it was a truly gloomy day so I kind of enjoy this ride passing by this uncompleted Flyer.

There....our very own Flyer in Year 2008 and I would like to extend my invitation to my overseas blog buddies to visit me and I would love to ride on this Flyer with you :D

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