Wisdom Tooth Maret 2014

Yo! Yo! Yo! :D

I've lost my 'wisdom' folks!

Luckily it was my wisdom tooth and not my wisdom :D

Yep! Finally a Big Smile on my face today after the pain subsidized folks!! Thanks a Zillion to all your comforting words and re-assurance to me.

Honestly, I wish I could use a stronger word than 'PAIN'. It was as if I have literally been tortured by my dentist and being so helpless at the mercy of her tools certainly send another round of shivers down my spine as I typed this.

No joke at all!

I managed to fix an appointment at 2pm on Monday ~ The pain was still there so that means I suffered the agony for three days.

I walked into the dental clinic steadily!

I walked out unsteadily! :'( Although I was glad the wisdom tooth was extracted, the pain & ordeal was horrible.

I had wanted to upload the pic of my tooth here but it was too grouse and I didn't want to spoilt all you lovely blog pals' appetite kekekkeke.......

Anyway.......Dr J reckoned it was certainly a blessing in disguise for me despite the pain coz she told me if not for the gum infection that I had been enduring over the weekend, it would be a much more difficult surgery to extract the tooth.

Whew! I was teary when I 'hopped' down (yep...I hopped!) from the dentist chair and quickly scurried away hahahah.......but you know even with two jabs the extraction was still painful for me and I had to hold on to Dr. J's hand.

Oh Yep! I was like a Cry Baby :'( Well actually, I did not literally cry but I was infact teary *sob*

Sorry for being so drama-mama but that's me.....that's me with a low threshold of pain lah...hehe.....

Took a couple of pain-killers still and it is getting bearable since this afternoon and hey.....My Mega-Watt Smile is back :D

Thank you Folks! Hugs & Kisses to all your blessings :D

Update: Still need to visit Dr. J coz she spotted a fracture molar :( Alamak! Need to go through crowning I think. Nevermind, I am stronger after this episode for sure :P
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