Hearty Breakfast? Maret 2014

Er....Eh....Ahhh......This is one hearty breakfast that is definitely not meant for me.

After a long relax weekend I was really glad to be back at work. This morning, I was 'horrified' to see my fellow colleagues having a big hearty feast prior to work over at the pantry.

Spicy Lontong

This is a Malay dish known as Lotong......quite spicy and besides cabbage & fried beancurds, there is this ketupat (rice) cooked with coconut milk. It is very nice but I would rather have this for lunch then to start my day with this heavy meal.

I do enjoy this at times but would normally replace the ketupat with more vegetables instead. But usually if given a choice, it is just sandwich & yoghurt for lunch that's all.

Packet of Nasi Lemak (Coconut Rice)

The other friend was having Nasi Lemak (coconut rice) with one big piece of fried chicken and one hard boiled egg. Hmmm.....that would be too much carbo for me early in the morning. In fact, can't remember when was the last time I treat myself to a plate of nasi lemak although I must admit I do have a craving for spicy stuff.

Wholemeal Bread

I don't deny that I've been a little bit conscious about the kind of food I eat and meals that I cooked for the family, afterall we are what we eat.

As mentioned before, a little bit of indulgence set the tone for a holistic & total well-being so things in moderation is no harm but having said that......too much is a definite no no for me. It does takes lots of determination coupled with strict discipline & motivation to keep fit so there.....heavy meal early in the morning is a STRICT NO :D

For D, his breakfast is merely oats, at times biscuits or yoghurt and as for me, it is just two toasted wholemeal bread (without any spread) and a cup of hot coffee without sugar. If I am still at'll be just a banana that's all :)

Keep fit for life & eat healthy stuff folks. Hey, tell me, what is your hearty breakfast this morning ;)

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