New Munchies Maret 2014

I'm always on the look-out for new items on the shelves each time I walked into Marks & Spencer. Yep! I am qualified to be called an ardent fan of M&S :)

Not only looking out for new munches such as cookies & chocolates, some of their beauty products too such as hand lotion, body moisturisers etc.

Anyhoo....... new discovery this afternoon when I saw this Organic Mini Black Pepper Oatcakes - it certainly looks pretty healthy and with black pepper that sure makes me salivating now kekekek......

Shall give you the verdict when I have them for breakfast tomorrow ok?

Hmm....sometimes I must admit that the packaging of this box definitely plays a part in enticing me to just pick up the box of cereal.

Look! Deliciously Nutty Crunch that comes with light & crunchy toffee flavour oat clusters with almonds, brazil nuts & pecan nuts. Now, wouldn't you go crazy with this too?

Just that mixture of nuts can make me go crazy coz I'm a nut person and with that toffee flavour I bet it's gonna be good on it's own too.

Okie Dokie!! Verdict on that too when I get my hands on these lovely clusters of oats & nuts :D

Here wishing all my blog buddies a Happy & Joyful Weekend! Rest & Relax and don't stress out too much ya!!!

~ Ciao ~ :D

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