Painzzzzz :( Maret 2014


Ouch! Ouch is no longer painful in my vocabulary as far as I am concern now folks!

This is most probably the longest torturous weekend for me.

As I have mentioned before, I have a very low threshold for pain. Very very low indeed.

I am currently in painzz now...........extremely excruciating acute sharpness and it is none other than my wisdom tooth.

Waahh....... ;'( Hands up folks if you enjoy visiting the dentist.....Both my hands are down :)

I have been procrastinating visiting my dentist for about a year now and recently even with a tinge of discomfort I still procrastinated. Oops! Sorry about that Dr. J

The pain started on Friday and I chose to ignore it. Big Mistake!!!

The pain started to get worse on Saturday and by noon, I was frantic and started calling Dr. J's clinic.............. Too bad, dental clinic closed.....Waaaaaaaa.........painzzz.....very very pain :(

I was a grouchy woman the whole of Saturday coz I thought the panadol is going to do the trick. That's only temporary relief.

Today being a Sunday, D drove me to Bukit Timah & CCK trying to just walk in to any dental clinic but either they are not open or the appointments are all fully booked!

I am so scare now coz the wisdom tooth is not only painful but I could feel the gum is is going to be the worse dental visit of my life if I call Dr. J tomorrow and see her in the afternoon.

Oh please wish me well folks! I don't want to have a major tooth surgery and just couple of days ago, D visited Dr. J and just had his tooth crown and imagine the hour spent on the dental chair.

At this very moment my hands are shaking folks!! HELP!!!!

As D was telling me, alot of people take their teeth for granted and no, not me......I just procrastinated going for my regular dental check that's all....I LOVE MY TEETH!!! I really do :)

Any kind words and wishes would be most comforting now folks!!! Do wish that Dr. J will do miracle tomorrow but most importantly, she can slot in an appointment for me.

Thank you for reading and going through this painful journey with me :D .......Ahhh..ouch...there goes the painzzzzzzzz...........again :(

( would probably wonder why a brave woman like me is panicky over this right? Strange but true, I am tough & brave but when it comes to medical issues after going under the knife thrice just send shivers down my spine kekekek......

No worries folks! I'll 'weather' the 'storm' tomorrow coz I still need Dr. J's professional hands to fix this pain lor....:D Still, wish me luck ok?)
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