New Cell Maret 2014

Bibi is very happy today.......yep......infact, extremely happy :D

As I am entitled to a third line under the corporate scheme, I signed on a new phone line for her and with that I received a Sony-Ericsson phone just for her.

Currently she is holding on to a spare phone and since her school does not allow students to bring the cell phone to school, I did not subscribe to a phone line for her afterall she uses them only during the weekend.

However, with this corporate scheme & promotion it saves me the trouble to top up her card and also since it comes with 360 sms it would certainly save me the hassle of checking the value of her card.

So colour as what she wanted and it matches her black ipod & black guitar kekekek...... Honestly, I think it's cool and she'll get the hang of the functions very soon coz something about Bibi, she is really good at reading manuals & instructions. She will always be the one to brief us once she finishes them likewise for any computer games :)

There, I'm glad I made her day :D
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