Reality Maret 2014


*Blink Blink*

Oops! I'm back to reality already? I woke up from my dream after meeting that mysterious someone isn't it???

How interesting and exciting to read all your lovely comments yesterday ;) I was totally overwhelmed folks.

Anyhoo.....just met someone whom I really really like to spend more time with. Nothing erotic just in case you are wondering just something sweet & nice ;D
Still, I wish that I'll meet him soon heheh....

So it's Good Friday today and somehow I just feel good to have three days of rest & just doing nothing except to spend quality time with the kids :)

We went to the mall today and shopped for new running shoes along with other stuff, had lunch together and whoa......we all felt so pampered coz not bad an idea to have the magnanimous Financial Controller on the loose with us on a shopping spree kekekek........Thanks Dar :)

By the way......I've linked two new blog pals so do swing by ya...they're Zoe (US) and Mayhotte (Iceland) :D

Here's wishing all you nice lovely blog buddies a Happy Easter coupled with lots of wonderful and joyful time with your family :D
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