Missing Pa Maret 2014

It will be Qing Ming Jie (Ching Ming - means clear & bright) in a few days' time, a time to remember the dearly departed and pay respect to one's deceased ancestors & family members. To us Chinese, it reinforces the ethic of filial piety.

We went to pay respect to our dearest Father this morning and although it has been almost two years, time certainly didn't heal the pain within us. We missed him just as much ........ yes, I have been missing my Pa........

I posted this picture of him a year back and yes.....memories kept floating back and in memory of him, I'm posting it again coz he is still very much in my heart.

5 April 2006:

Today is our first Ching Ming prayer for our Father who passed away last July 2005. We have missed him oh so dearly, his jokes & his laughter. Father would be 81 years old this year if not for his passing and he has always been in my mind even though eight months had since gone by and it certainly brought much pain to me just by remembering him. Oh well, coming back to reality, somehow we must learn how to deal with separation isn't it? Still.....*sob* *sob*

Father was a very optimistic man with a heart of gold for people, more so in the China Village, Meixian where he was raised. I am glad that I was able to accompany him and my Mom to visit our homeland and shared that special moment with him. It was a yearly ritual by Father to travel back to China and pay respect to his ancestral home and it was my most memorable trip to walk down memory lane with Father and to visit our village.

I am thankful my Father had imparted such strong values in me and my Brothers and we gained his wisdom and take on his compassionate and great empathy for others. I am happy to note that all of us did all we could to be with him and most importantly be filial to him as well when he was with us. The song "Never Gone" by the Back Street Boys always brought back fond memories of my Dearest Dad, he is:

Never gone, never far
In my heart is where you are
Always close, everyday, every step along the way
Even though for now we've gotta say goodbye
I know you will be forever in my life

Yup, Father stays in my heart everyday :P

2 May 2005 ~ Dad's Lion LegacyThe lion was staring at me when I was chilling out at my room before I hit the gym this evening and immediately Father came into my thoughts. Just so suddenly an inspiration hit me that I just have to capture this moment, this special thoughts that evolved within me.

English Bells & Lion :D

My late Father had hand-carried this pair of lion from Meixian Village in China and gave it to me two years' ago. He wanted me to have this for our home as he believes it brings in good luck and fortune, most importantly it repels the evil too.

Although he is no longer with us, I came to appreciate Dad's lion legacy to us - his majestic and charming lions will always have a place in our humble nest just as he would in our heart too.

Yep ~ I am missing Pa everyday ;'(

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