Goodies Goodies Maret 2014

Heheh......I don't know what to say but yep, another surprise and none other than some goodies from my lovely blog pal, Tee :D
Lovely stamps
Tee told me not to think about the arrival date as she reckoned it might reach me about 6-7 weeks later but imagine my look of surprise when I received this package today :)

Thank you for all the lovely postcards of Washington and yes, I read about the cherry blossom and your Adventure magazine it certainly 'whet' our appetite to want to make that road trip to America again.

Something about Grand Canyon that just trigger the thoughts all the time kekekek....

We were all excited about the dark chocolate with mint as well the Truffles.....

.....and equally excited by the 'treasures' inside's a long awaited treat for the kids....'s all gone now so don't send the enforcement officer over....nope, no more leftovers folks! I'll send you to States for more chewing treats kekekek....

Thank You Tee for the wonderful goodies & surprises. Thank you for your lovely notes and embracing new friendship across the globe :D

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