Little Birdie Maret 2014

We stayed on the 24th floor on a high-rise building so was pleasantly surprised & amazed when a little fella visited us last evening.

This little birdie was spotted by my Mom-in-Law when she was at the utility room whereby she spotted this tired looking pigeon near the aircon ventilation unit.

She tried to away but he just refused to go and we were all alerted to take a look.

Little birdie just refused to fly away not even flutter its wing.

After more than 10 minutes, we decided to tear a piece of bread for little birdie to eat and again he refused to tuck in. let me think, what should I do?

Ah...maybe he is thirsty so I put some water for him and guess what? He flew down immediately and took a sip. We were so happy and so he was indeed thirsty ya!

So you thought by then he would fly away right? Wrong! He flew into our utility room and that's when we became panicky and tried to shoo him away one more time.

Eventually he did fly out but only to stay on the patio.

Heeee...he slept through the night and flew away this morning :D

Just sharing an unusal evening with this little birdie's visit that's all ;)

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