"Damaged" Maret 2014

Hahah.....caused some "damaged" couple of days ago, "damaged" to my bank account really ;)

Need to replenish some cleansing foam & toner so was out picking up some stock. Met this wonderful beauty specialist who patiently explained to me other new products by Clarins.

My favourite from this range has always been the cleansing foam, toner & moisturizer but was won over by the extra-firming night cream as well.

Er..... actually not that I really needed it badly at this age but bet you know that a disciplined & well-toned face is gonna go a long long way.......:D

This beauty specialist is such a darling really coz she must have recognised a good customer in me listening to her & asking her questions that she was kind & generous to give me all Clarins products in travel size :D

That is such a wonderful gesture although I did help to ring her cash register ;)

Since I have always been a faithful Clarins' consumer, I requested for the mens' range of cleansing product so that I can win D over do need to take care of their face too you know. By the all my male blog you use a specify range of facial products?

So there.....'damaged' done yet I was happy to walk out of the shopping mall :D

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