TGIF Maret 2014

Yeah!!! It is TGIF! :D

It has been a long time since I felt this way but somehow.....I began to realise that I do look forward to Friday & the weekend afterall :D

I thought I only felt this way when I was single and I remembered my TGIFs were the time when my phone never stops ringing and I have this crazy time schedule of running from pubs to disco and even karaoke to meet up with different groups of friends.

Eventually when it was courtship time, TGIFs became more of bowling nites & watching movies followed by supper at Whitley hawker centre under the flyovers.

Kids came along, TGIFs is family time!

Now kids are much older, TGIF is still family time and also my resting time :D It is time to 'stand-down'......sort of tune in to R&R ~ SHIOK!

Nothing beats a good weekend folks & wishing all of you a wonderful family bonding time as well as Rest & Relax too.

~ Ciao ~ But before I go just want to send some birthday greetings to my blog pal Art :D

Happy Birthday Art and may you have lots & lots of surprises from Stacie & pals :)
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