KL Food Galore Maret 2014

As promised, here's the night view of the Petronas Twin Towers taken while walking along the streets at night. Did not visit the building this time but everywhere we go, it's always within our radar :D

I really like the illuminated Twin Towers which stood out right in the city centre of KL, too bad I didn't have the time to shop at KLCC - cannot do my retail therapy :(

Dark Clouds Hovering

So here's some snap-shots of the foodstalls, about 12 of us 'invaded' the food streets for the past two nights - having supper and not forgetting the durians of course.

Thin Sheet of Rice Flour

The thin sheet of rice flour is very different from the one in Singapore, the stall owner uses a blade to cut the sheet into strips before adding the tau pok (beancurds), fishballs and sweet sauce.

Yong Tau Hu Stall The neat displayed of these yummilious Yong Tau Hu somehow 'lured' the ladies to pick & choose the varieties that they wanted in their bowl of noodles. It is actually a pre-cooked assortment ingredients made from soya beancurd base with fish meat stuffing.

And yep, this is the delicious bowl of Yong Tau Hu with rice vermicelli - I did not order this, I merely snapped :D

Now this is something very interesting, on the first night we saw some crew filming two caucasians having a go at the local food stall. We were curious (as with the rest of the people) and guess what? I did not turn off my flash and SNAPPED! The Director shouted CUT! Oops! NG shot! We quickly scurried away kekeke........(Naughty me :D)

Penang Kway Teow Stall

BBQ Chicken Wing Stall

Fresh Cockles Anyone? Jackie recommended the Penang Fried Kway Teow stall which she patronised whenever she visited KL. It was so good especially the one with lots of chilli. Ordered 12 pieces of BBQ chicken wing - one for each of us so that we won't fight over it heeeheheh....

So there you have it, while waiting for all the food to come 'onboard', some of us ordered fresh coconut. Now you can see that with such good company on a trip like this, my diet went 'bust' coz no matter how discipline I am, I just can't resist their local fare so this week, it's gonna be an exercise week.

Hope you have enjoyed this 'trip' with me folks - Are you drooling now? :D - Shiok Right?

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