Candy Empire Maret 2014

Well, if you can't beat them you join them and since I was in Vivo City last Saturday, I literally walked into Candy Empire to check out the magnitude of this store.

This store retails imported candies & chocolates with some varieties of cookies too, so yep, quite a lot of selection for those with a sweet tooth.

'Aero-Dynamic' Mint Chocolate

As Bibi is a mint lover, we bought 'Aero' minty bubbles from New Zealand which comes in 12 fun size pack so I don't feel so guilty when I have a go myself :D It has this little bubbly feel to it when you have them in your mouth - Yum! So can you imagine it goes POP! POP! POP! with that cool sensation in your mouth? Kekekek.......

Oh Crystal, I want you to know that I've scrutinised the whole Empire and I can't find Goobers so yep, we were so disappointed *sob*

Anyhoos......I will not travel all the way to visit this store just because of candies coz if I wanna take a break - I'll just have my Kit-Kats :D

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