Poor Trees Maret 2014

Hmm.....let's get down to the roots of the problem. Something is definitely wrong with the planning when the gardener planted these trees along the streets.

I found it 'disturbing' really as I observed the pavement 'bulged' as the roots stretched out 'griping' its hold onto the ground as the tree simply grew bigger and stronger. Not trying to be an environmentalist but still I reckoned it is not very friendly to nature isn't it?

Further down the street there were many more of such 'damages' and one which I did not capture was they literally chopped the tree leaving the bottom half of the trunk right in the middle of the pavement :(

Poor Trees *Sob* ............. I hope the horticulturist would give some thoughts to it when they plan their next landscaping job.

Here.....I feel much better now that I've voiced my concern to them :D

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