More Surprises Maret 2014

Sweet thoughts of Christmas celebration still lingering on everyone's mind when we went back to work. Yep! All still laughing over the jokes we shared and the fun we had.

At home, we shared the great time with the kids and discussed what should we do to make it better for our guests next year. Looks like we must have Plan B next year just in case it rains non-stop again.....yep, four days after the party we are already planning the next Christmas Party :D

Arizona Bell & Spoon

There, more surprises after Christmas Day - A Big Thank You to Ms. Ladybug (blog buddy) for an Arizona Bell & Spoon to add to my collection. Such a unique symbol, it was adorable - Thank you Lisa for helping me with my collection.

John & Jennifer

iTunes Music CardCame through via priority mail yesterday from John & Jennifer, they were in Singapore beginning of this year as John was on a work assignment here. It was really thoughtful of them to send the music card for the girls as they are so into music :D Thank you Folks!

I am in fact still expecting June's home-baked chocolate fruit cake from Sydney and it must be due to the heavy postal traffic, sadly it has not arrived yet June :'( I hope the cake won't get mouldy when the postman deliver it to us kekekek........ I'll still have a go I promise Pal :D

Bet by now you would have know that the internet services has been badly affected in Asia due to the earthquake in Taiwan. The world literally 'stand-still' when there is no access to the worldwide web and it was frustrating to say the least.

STILL, in the midst of all the blasted frustration, do reflect & spare a thought to those affected in the earthquake......:'(

Till the next couple of days folks.....seize the days coz there's only 3 more days before embracing Year 2007. We'll never walk this day again so do stop to smell the roses !

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