Acoustic Guitar Maret 2014

For doing well in her exams, D bought Bibiana an acoustic guitar as she wanted to have a go at learning to play this instrument. Didn't take us long to shop for one as our friend recommended us to go by Peninsula Shopping Centre as they have a wide range of guitars for professional & beginners.

Amazing to see so many guitar shops along with others selling sports shoes & jeans. Won over by Davis Guitar as the staff was so friendly and took time to explain the various types of guitar available for beginners.

As I would expect, she goes for black which I think it's really cool except it tends to leave marks quite easily :D

Bibi's new babe

Doraemon Guitar anyone? Found it amusing to see couple of Doraemon Guitar on displayed - definitely for die-hard Doraemon fan, hey look at the other one with his tongue sticked out - really cartoon :D

Now here's the challenge....Bibi is going to learn on her own before she decides whether proper lesson is needed. So yes....we can't wait for her to serenade us a song soon. hear us Girl? Kekeke..... have fun anyway :D

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