Monday Blues Maret 2014

I don't have Monday Blues......Never! Having said that, I will only have Monday Blues when I have had a fight or something the night before :D

But hey - nope, don't believe in starting the first day of work with Blues coz that's gonna affect not just me alone but the rest of the people around me for sure.

Likewise as what I used to tell my daughters, if you wake up feeling grouchy or unhappy first thing in the morning, the rest of the day is going to be a lousy day. By feeling happy and embrace the day with gusto, one would feel happy and everything will turn out smoothly. It works wonder for us! Try it folks :D

So it's rather pathetic to have colleagues at work feeling grouchy & grumpy, aggrieved & agitation all rolled into one coz either they have worn themselves out through partying or merely lazed around the weekend with nothing much to do.

I know of friends who rather chose to work throughout the week because weekends is full of household chores, running errands, attending birthday/wedding functions etc - or even just to shop non-stop. we know why Vivo City is so huge in size as one would never be able to cover all the stores in just one day - at least two full days (Sat & Sun) to comb all the units at Vivo! (By the way, it took me about one hour to shop at Gaps, Toy R Us and G2000 last Saturday - too crowded to shop in comfort I rather avoid it!)

Oops! Coming back to Monday Blues, so yes I feel sorry for colleagues on a Monday as they would be most unproductive due to their weak state of mind couple with some hangovers :D Somehow we knew who to avoid when they lamented that they are having the Monday Blues so stop bugging them but hello?

Anyway, I am glad I have no problem with any days of the week. In fact I embraced my Saturdays & Sundays wholeheartedly coz that's the only two days I can catch my beauty sleep without my alarm clock bugging me at 6 am kekeke.......

Hey!!! Now you know why I don't get the blues huh? I have enought beauty sleep lor :D

Have fun and don't let The Blues manage your Mondays! Life is short - enjoy it whichever day it is - Bye :D
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