Xmas Pressies Maret 2014

Lots of presents and this is my favourite magnet from my Brother :D sweet of him - "There is no better friend than a Sister, and no Sister quite like you."

Thank you Dear Brother, there is no Brother quite like you too :)

How about this? Isn't it cool to get a Nail Dryer - a gift from my Sister-in-law. I need not 'freeze' my fingers kekee......perfect manicure gift :)

Care for a drink folks? But be very patient coz I need to refill the water dispenser after serving four tiny paper cups of water cute - that's a toy water dispenser for Shan lah!

But no worries folks! We shall play poker and I'll serve you chilled juice in these lovely set of glasses, a gift from the 'Poker King Teo' :D

Chocolate Galore

From Cadbury to M&M & Oreo, you name it we've got it! Sweet treats for the kids - Oops! We forgotten to pick up cane candies :(

Kids had great fun!

Ah...... the Guys taking a break after the hard work at the wet BBQ pit :D

There goes Christmas 2006, we certainly hope our friends enjoyed the bonding just as much as we do....

Once again, Cheers!

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