Eve of The Eve Maret 2014

Ho! Ho! Ho! If I am Santarina I'll go Hee! Hee! Hee :D

It's The Eve Of The Eve - Yep it's Christmas Eve tomorrow and we are moving into the fifth gear today.

We have been doing some last minute shopping and preparing the food stuff for the BBQ - Yep, the onion & the garlic is still in the pot of soil (that's to stop the rain) :D Hmmm.....very gloomy still lah! Must have contingency plan in case it rains.

There's no elaborate Christmas Tree like all of you in our house, what I have is a DHL Coffee Table Xmas Tree :D

Look, it has this litte yellow courier van & plane with red ribbons all over it - it's pretty and I'm happy.

Also, I've a little miniature Musical Christmas Tree on top of my TV Set. It has all this dangling santas & bears - just as nice lah :D

DHL Globe This year, Bob from DHL gave me a snow globe which adds some festive cheers to the house not forgetting all the lovey Christmas greeting cards displayed all over my nest.

D got me an early surprise Christmas present and look! A Mini Chocolate Fondue Keeekee... what a perfect gift for a die-hard chocolate fan :D

Without any hesitation, we started having a go last night with strawberry, banana & pineapples while the kids had theirs with mashmellow - Yum!

We'll gonna treat our friends to some chocolate fondue tomorrow after the BBQ!

Hey, it's my friend Ben's Birthday today on The Eve of The Eve :D So Happy Birthday To You Ben! Many many happy returns and more good years ahead! everyone is going to be busy for the next two days so one more greetings from me specially to you - Have A Hee Hah Christmas! Hee! Hee! Hee!

Oops! I forgot, I'm not Santrina :( Nevermind - Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas Folks! :D

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