Still Surviving Maret 2014

Right...I'm still surviving! I still Rock :D

*Sigh* Actually......a bit of a frenzy really what with work, family, meetings, schedules, food catering and that all important shopping spree. A happy frenzy I must add which I find most challenging heee...... it was a good thing I have lots of christmas wrappers to wrap all those goodies :)

I did not forget to post the wedding dinner which I've promised but just that Blogger is having a 'break' I suppose as no pictures were able to be uploaded. I'll try again when I could so my apology folks.

Next, for the past three days since Sunday we have torrential rain, cats & dogs, drizzle - you name it, we got it! Rain has been pouring non-stop coupled with thunderous roar, windy storm. Also, there was a mudslide this morning at Little Guilin and patches of corrosion along the hills as well (Would post the pix if I could)

I love the rain but not when I need to run errands coz it's so difficult to get things done at times what with a long list of shopping items.

Heee....Don't leave home without it! Not Amex but my blue brolley. I've been sticking to my brolley like a leech so to speak :D

Yo, by the way folks, do pray that the rain will stop on Christmas Eve coz I've having family & friends over for a BBQ. Can't grill anything on a wet day isn't it? - Hmmm....should I ask my guests to bring along their raincoat ;)

Hey, hand on! I've heard from some 'Guru' friends that by sticking an onion and a garlic in the soil is gonna stop the rain. Hmmm...why didn't I think of that? project on my list - "Stick An Onion & A Garlic In A Pot of Soil :D"

Hahahhah....just kidding folks! But *Ahem* - No harm trying isn't it? Anything to stop the rain ya! Ironically, I do love the sound of the raindrops.

Have fun and no worries....I'm still 'surviving' :D
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